When you need to host weekly recurring meetings or organize a last minute meeting, Freedom On-Demand conferencing efficiently allows you to bring people together to help you meet your business objectives and succeed.


Freedom On-Demand removes the need for reservations or operators giving you the ability to control conference commands with the touch of your telephone keypad. Freedom On-Demand has many customizable features and is available in a variety of languages. In conjunction with the Evolve Online Platform, you can manage your account and conference calls online.

Outlook Plugin

Scheduling conference calls and typing in the same dial-in number and conference ID over and over again can become monotonous. That’s why Evolve Collaboration provides an easy way to include your Audio Conferencing and Web conferencing information in your Outlook meeting invitations. With a single click, your conferencing details are automatically inserted into an email, making scheduling your meetings a snap.

Mobile Assistant

Want a simpler way to connect to meetings when you’re on the go? Or do you need an easier way to organize the dial-in numbers and passcodes for several different meetings? MeetingConnect Mobile Assistant gives you one-touch dialing into your conferences from your BlackBerry device.

Freedom On-Demand Migration

  • We will provide you with a Notice of New Conferencing Provider to share with your User Community
  • We will either clone your existing codes or provide random new codes
  • Please note that short of 10-digits, we need to obtain approval from our Fraud Department for shorter codes – this can take up to 48-hours
  • We will create the required Feature Functionalities at the Company Level and provide Admin Rights to the Administrator(s) of the Account
  • We will provide a Demo of our Online Platform (Clearview/TCC Online) for Company Level’s Administration
  • Should you require a Branded Bridge, please note that we will set up your user community on our Evolve Generic Bridge and transfer them over to the Branded Bridge and Branded Dial In Numbers once activated – please allow 4-6 weeks for the Branded Bridge to be available
  • Welcome Emails will be automatically generated by our System and sent to your Users
  • The Welcome Email includes all the required details to get started – including First Time user for individual access to Clearview/Call Manager, Feature Functionalities, etc.
  • We provide soft Wallet Cards that you can either save on your Desktop or Print at your leisure
  • You will be receiving your electronic invoices within 10 days following month-end
  • Your Account Manager will be in touch with each of your user as they place their First Conference Call to answer any questions they may have or we will provide an online walk through / training session to all users as training is required
  • The Billing Contact will be contacted once the First Invoice has been received to answer any questions and for any additional details Accounts Payables require (inter-department, backup, etc.)

Operator Assisted

Operator Assisted is a reservation-based audio conferencing service that offers you a personal support operator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Successful, high-profile conferences don’t just happen. They require countless hours of planning and relentless attention to detail. If you’re in the hot seat, managing a high profile conference is a high-stakes, high-stress assignment. There’s a great deal at risk – content details, participant management, speaker preparation and follow-up. These events need to be executed flawlessly in order to ensure success. From large-scale investor relations calls to small board-of-directors meetings, and everything in between, count on us to work with you step-by-step, providing the help you need before, during and after your conference.

Direct PIN Entry

Direct PIN Entry provides streamlined conference entry on event calls by allowing participants to join in using a passcode while continuing to offer conference leaders the high touch experience provided by an operator. A full range of Value Added Services are available to perfectly tailor each conference to your needs.

Service Levels



Accuracy is defined as the number of Information Tickets created by Evolve divided by the number of calls. Information Tickets are defined as internal Evolve records written for any call that is less than 100% perfect.

  • Accuracy goal is 98% in Reservations
  • Accuracy goal is 98% in Event Services/Call Execution

Operator Assisted Call Execution

This is a measure of the time taken to add conference participants to operator assisted conference calls. The measurement will be based on the percentage of participant calls answered in a particular time.

1. Reservations – 80% of participant calls answered in 20 seconds or less

2. Evolve will meet the following call execution objectives 80% of the time

3. a) Standard (calls that require Evolve to retrieve either no information or only first and last name)

  1. i) Up to 100 participants – 20 seconds
  2. ii) 101 to 500 participants – 45 seconds
  3. iii) 500+ participants – 60 seconds
  4. iv) For each additional 500 participants – 60 seconds

b) Event (calls that require Evolve to retrieve first and last name, phone number and two additional pieces of information)

  1. i) Up to 100 participants – 60 second
  2. ii) 101 to 500 participants – 75 seconds
  3. iii) 500+ participants – 90 seconds
  4. iv) For each additional 500 participants – 90 seconds

c) Premium (calls that require Evolve to retrieve first and last name, phone number and 4 additional pieces of information)

  1. i) Up to 100 participants – 90 seconds
  2. ii) 101 to 500 participants – 105 seconds
  3. iii) 500+ participants – 120 seconds
  4. iv) For each additional 500 participants – 120 seconds