Web Conference

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a market-leading web conferencing solution that enables a variety of uses, ranging from web meetings to eLearning to webinars. Now more than ever, people need the ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues, partners, and customers around the world and across technical boundaries. With Adobe Connect, you can captivate your audience with rich, engaging, and interactive experiences and make them available to virtually anyone, anywhere, on almost any device, with just a click of a button.

Adobe Connect for Web Meetings

Significantly improve collaboration within your enterprise with Adobe Connect for Web Meetings. This tool enables you to significantly improve collaboration, both inside and outside your organization’s firewalls. You can use Adobe Connect for a full range of online meeting needs – from simple screen-sharing all the way to mission-critical real-time collaboration.

Adobe Connect for Webinars

Adobe Connect for Webinars enables organizations to increase attendance, boost response rates, and generate more interest through rich and engaging highly interactive online events.

WebEx Suite of Services

WebEx Meeting Center

Get more done faster and empower your workforce with online collaboration using WebEx Meeting Center integrated with Reservationless-Plus audio conferencing and VoIP. WebEx allows you to share documents, presentations, and applications anytime, anywhere and conduct engaging and creative meetings with customers, colleagues, or internal teams from their computer, phone or tablet device. Make your online meetings even more engaging with high-definition video that automatically switches to the current speaker.

WebEx Event Center

Deliver all the punch of in-person events more often and at far less cost. Generate leads by marketing your products and services using targeted web seminars and hold companywide meetings and channel partners. Capture your attendees’ attention by sharing documents, presentations, and applications in real time. WebEx Event Center gives you the ability to add the sizzle of Adobe Flash, 3D graphics, and streaming video, annotate on-the-fly, record events for later playback, and audience polling and chat features.

WebEx Training Center

WebEx Training Center engages learners with lively, interactive instruction, and give you the tools to share powerful presentations, stream media modules, live video, and even pass control to attendees to demo applications. Give students the chance to practice and review using in-class breakout sessions or hands-on labs before, during, or after class. Measure proficiency with robust testing, grading, and polling tools. You can even transform your training program into a strategic revenue center by using WebEx Online Classroom self-service registration and payment features.

WebEx Support Center

Measurably improve productivity and customer satisfaction as you reduce costs. WebEx Support Center enables IT teams and technical support to view and control any customer’s desktop in real time regardless of location, platform, or firewalls. Provide better customer service and improve compliance using network-based recording to document sessions, expedite incident resolution, and train new support staff. Access recordings easily from your WebEx site and improve support processes using the detailed reporting function.

Adobe & WebEx Migration

  • We will provide you with a 30-day Free Trial while we order your Branded URL

  • Your Free Trial URL can be used as the URL we will convert

  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for the Branded URL to be active

  • The URL will be sent directly from Adobe/WebEx

  • In the meantime, kindly advise when would be a good time to coordinate a Training with any and all potential users and Administrators on the account

  • You will be billed the month in which the order was placed

Unified Meeting

Unified Meeting is a web conferencing system that combines common business tools into a single platform. It is a powerful way to bring people together from anywhere in the world—quickly, conveniently and most important, easily.

Using Unified Meeting will help you accomplish more in your workday. Meet with colleagues, partners and customers in remote locations in your own online meeting room without ever leaving your office. Reliable and secure, Unified Meetings allows you to present PowerPoint slides, share applications, quiz and survey participants and show web sites all with the same impact and results as in-person meetings. And all this through a system that you don’t have to develop or maintain.